History of the PSC Pink Price List’s

Pink is our Favorite Color!

No, we don’t mean in the same way Aerosmith adores the color either! If you’re a customer of ours then you may have come across a “Pink Sheet” a time or two. In fact, it should be once a year as we send out our yearly price list in the bold color. In a rough and tough industry with a rough and tough founder, who would have thought that the late Mr. Paul Woods would choose such a color? He always said; “They’ll never lose it!”. I can’t tell you how many times a year we’ve received a call that was the direct consequence of having a pink sheet laying around. He didn’t have a marketing background, but he sure did figure out a simple solution that worked!

It’s that time of year again! If you haven’t received yours already, you should soon. Since we’ve made our 32nd trip around the sun to work on these famous pink sheets, we thought we’d share its history and how the love of pink began.


In the Beginning

We’ve always been a small business doing big things! Because of this, teamwork is a key factor in getting things done around here. Back in 1990 when the company started, Paul knew there needed to be a way to get the word out. A list was compiled of all the stencils we offer, and the love of pink began. Now you may think that I mean we literally love the color pink but what I actually mean is that we put love IN the pinks.

What’s one of the purest acts of love? Volunteering! Paul’s wife Anne and Mother-in-Law Vera, rolled up their sleeves and folded, stuffed and stamped each individual price list themselves. It was an act of love as a new beginning was blossoming! As they stuffed each envelope, thoughts, hopes, and dreams were spoken. Who were they going to be able to reach and help with their service? Where would the future take them? The pinks became an exciting time of year which was an exact reference to how much Pavement Stencil Company had grown as well as holding on to the hope of growing even more.

Every year the numbers grow. There are more customers to be grateful for and even more to be hopeful for! The question is how does this work? Well, you can’t have gratitude or hope without love in the equation. Peeking through the envelopes, noticing certain customers who stand out because we’ve created a relationship with them is now a sentimental ritual. So, how do you keep the pinks growing? You treat those who receive the pinks with the gratefulness and hope that love expels!

Time Marches On

The volunteer team and venue changed over time, as time has its way of making things adapt. Once Beth and Calvin got involved, the company moved to Virginia.  New family members welcomed the task with open hearts and arms. Beth’s sister Vicki would make a huge pot of soup and around the kitchen table they sat. Vicki, Gene, Mamaw Gerry and other family members would meticulously fold, count, and stuff each envelope as they laughed and made memories. You see, every customer and potential customer, whether they know it or not are already a part of the PSC family! Gathering around the dinner table, making dreams come true!


The season of the “Dream Team” as Beth liked to call them, would last for about 10 years. They were a well-oiled machine that PSC could count on every single time! However, that pesky thing called time did its thing again. So, with that, came the need for another team.


Today’s Process!

Today we still fill the pinks with hope, love and dreams! However, the team and process are a little different. With the close of the Dream Team, we found a few part time employee’s to help us here and there. Trying to find the new normal for the yearly sentiment, we found sweet Morgan. She’s a college student who works for us part time here and there. The yearly process has now become even more teamwork than ever before! Between Morgan, her brother Colin and each of our own full-time employees, we get the pink sheets out the door!

Just like our stencils, we also get to put our heart into each pink price list. They are touched and folded by each one of us who are grateful, daily for our customers. Once the pink sheets are folded, we send them to Morgan and Colin, who stuff and sticker each envelope by hand.

Our helpers are young and also full of hope and future! They’re starting out their workforce doing something that has been tried and tested, a process that has lasted years before they were born! They’re beginning their journey of gratitude with a journey that has been filled with it all along. You see, the folks who answer your calls and emails, draw, cut and ship your stencils are the same folks who know we couldn’t do it without you! We know who the famous pink price lists are going to as well as your order history, your needs and customizations and we listen and adapt! PSC will always put our hearts into our work as we realize that your success is our success!


Peering into the Future.

Some may say that our way with the pinks might be outdated. To that we say, how can love ever be outdated? The look of the price lists may change from year to year and the feel of the paper may become a little smoother one day if we ever switch to a catalog style. However, the meaning and sentiment behind them will stay the same. Just like our service to you, our most appreciated customer. Thank YOU for making our dreams come true!