Happy Thanksgiving! 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

Boy it is pretty here in the fall, the leaves changing, cool, crisp air. We’re anticipating the end of the season and year for all of us in the pavement marking business. For a lot of folks fall isn’t their favorite season but for me, it’s kind of like, whew, made it through another year! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I think that part helps me enjoy the leaves and cool temps even more.

It’s November 22 today.  I can’t believe the year after 2020 is almost over also! In a few days it’ll be Thanksgiving! Which leads me to the reason for this blog.

I want to…..we want to give our sincere thanks to all our customers for this year and in the past. Every one of you has helped to bring us where we are! Another year under our belts and food on our table. Not only for Beth and myself, but for all our employees too. Where would we be if not for all of you, our customers?  Not here, that’s for sure!

Thanks to each of you, from the ones who bought the tiniest stencil to the ones who buy huge amounts of stencils very often. It all counts and all is appreciated.

To say the least, it’s been a strange couple of years. In March of 2020 we sent everyone home except Beth, Megan and I. Within 2 weeks we were bringing people back one at a time until within a couple of months we were all back. This is due to you, our customers!

Again, we appreciate you one and all.

On behalf of everyone here at Pavement Stencil Company, please have a happy Thanksgiving and know at our Thanksgiving table, we are thankful for you!


~Calvin Bell