Federal D.O.T. Stencils


If you’re in the business then you know how frustrating it can be when each state makes their own adaption to the Fed Spec all the way down to the municipalities. If there’s a federal specification for pavement markings then why does there need to be a state spec? If there’s a state spec for pavement markings then why does the municipality need their own spec? We’re with you and we understand! However, lets face it, if these specifications didn’t exist at all what kind of mess would we have out there!?



Because of YOU, our fantastic customers, you create a safe space of clear visibility on the roads. The merge/drop lane arrows on the entrance and exit ramps. The straight, left and right turn arrows at the stop lights, as well as the 96″ x 16″ verbiage stencils are all so very vital to our every day hustle in the world! These markings and stencils are things that normal everyday folks take for granted. People assume they will be there to help guide them on their business trips, family vacations and visits to the doctor or grocery store. Who knew something so un thought of could be so important? “It’s the little things”, isn’t that what they say?

From our small business doing big things to yours, we just want to say THANK YOU!  Our customers are out there doing the things that no one see’s but matter a whole lot! You Rock! Here’s a little PSA on how we work hand in hand to make our roads a little safer out there! 



Need To Know Your State Spec?

By the way, if you’re unsure if your state varies from the Federal DOT Specification click here to look up your state! 

You can purchase our DOT stencils here!